At Daily Show Tues Sept 19

September 19th, 2006 | by ian |

Live blogging from the Daily Show …this is super cool. Set is much smaller than I thought but it lends itself to a pretty intimate feel for the crowd.

set of the Daily Show

…ok sorry…had to turn off my phone. Go figure! The Daily Show filming requires participation and a lot of energy screaming your head off but this just amplifies the fun!

Ben Affleck was the special guest and was impressively personal with the crowd. The show was short on correspondents as it featured a tribute to Steven vs. Steven (Colbert and Carell) which was sidesplittingly funny.

The highlight of the live show was the “checking in with Steven Colbert” segment at the end where Jon and Steven were off camera for while: Steven was brandishing a baseball ball claiming he would introduce his guest (Frank Rich of the NYT) to the audience in an “unconventional” way – namely bashing his f@*king head in…you had to be there it was all in the delivery.

Enjoy the show.

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