Cloud computing in Canada

April 6th, 2014 | by ian |

After a few amazing years of ignoring this blog, I’m back. I’m attending a conference about cloud computing in Canada called The Cloud Factory in Banff. What an amazing venue the Banff Centre is!

Just published an article about the future of “the cloud” and Canada. I expect big things to happen up here, it is just a matter of time. I wrote:

…cloud computing requires great connectivity, affordable power, cool air, and top engineering talent combined with world class data centers a safe, democratic country with a business-friendly legal system and close proximity to major markets.


Location matters. Storage consumption is increasing at about 50 percent per year, much faster than the capacity of networks. The speed of light is thus far an insurmountable limit. This leads to data gravity – with a significant amount of data is stored somewhere, more data and services tend to follow, gathering momentum and fostering an ecosystem. Big data is the new black gold, with the combination of Moore’s law, cheaper and faster storage and software such as Hadoop, business is opting to store all information now and analyze it later.

But in the brave new world exposed by Edward Snowden, that was enabled by similar trends, many businesses and countries are looking to avoid hosting their data in the USA and there has been a race to develop regional capabilities. Where data is located has big implications for performance, cost, legal compliance and importantly, perception. Why have we not seen similar investments in cloud platforms in Canada?

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