Personal update

August 17th, 2008 | by ian |

Heri at Montreal Tech Watch broke the news that my web infrastructure services company Syntenic has a new (beta) webpage. I have no doubt that my amazing wife’s blog pulls in more visitors than I do, so I am hoping to reverse that trend with a slick new design!

I also eked out a Shakespeare-inspired article on cloud computing for BitCurrent, an Alistair Croll initiative to which I contribute sporadically but enthusiastically (witness the awesome graphics here).

Speaking of collaboration with Alistair, the made-in-Montreal BitNorth conference will soon be upon us, a unique group investigation of the intersections of technology, social issues, policy and – most fittingly given the amazing location of the event – music (can revelry be far behind?). I can’t say enough good things about the location, the topics, or the people who will be there. You can still register here , if you’re lucky :)

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