Step up for the cure 2005: results

October 7th, 2005 | by ian |

“The team was triumphant, totalling a distance greater than 20 times Mt. Everest”

Total Stairs Climbed : 789,184
Total Vertical Distance : 301,136 m

I was expecting it to be impossible to do more than 10 sets of 78 stairs per hour and was proved wrong…most of the runners easily surpassed that. I started out with the intent of trying 20 sets per hour but after seven hours a back injury from this season of ultimate started to slow me down. I thought I was done for but thanks to our onsite physio and good friend Becca’s awesome handiwork and about 6 hours of rest I was able to continue, finishing out the last 6 hours averaging 25 sets per hour. Becca you are a superstar!

So in the end I hit 307 sets for about 24,000 stairs in 24 hours. And thanks no doubt to the rest I had taken I felt I could do another few hundred still. One kid about half my age managed 480 sets. He stuck to 20 per hour and did the full 24 hours. Much respect Alex!

Quicktime video here

Sore? Yeah. Spent about 2 days with severe difficultly going down stairs. Would I do it again? Definitely but i might train those calves a bit more before the next one!

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