The world’s on fire

August 8th, 2007 | by ian |

The funds that Sarah McLachlan would have spent to produce a music video are donated for more practical uses, and the video is instead used to help us visualize just how much of a difference $150,000 can make to those less fortunate than us:

I’m a long time fan and proud she is a fellow Canadian.

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  2. By Jay on Oct 24, 2007 | Reply

    Thats the most beautiful song ever made….and I must appreciate your efforts to offer these helps to the people in need all over the world. Thats definitely the best thing we all can and should do in our lives. AWSOME !!!! I LOVE YOU !!!

  3. By GregN on Oct 24, 2007 | Reply

    Yah, but aside from the overpaid directors and producers, what about all those production people who have to pay $1200+ a month in rent, $500 for food, and all the other costs of living in a first world country? What about the crew who pay for goods and services locally? What about the single mother working at a diner who lives off the tips the production crew gives them, or the poor saps working at any of the businesses they go to? If they don’t work these people don’t get as much earnings either. Plus money is relative. $200 sends a kid to school in Africa for a year, $200 in the US is less than one month of my student loan payment which will go on for another 6 years.

    Look, I get it, money can be better spent on helping people in poor countries, but wake up and look around you. Your just taking away from one set of people to give to another. If you want to really help take some of the money *you* earn from a $150k video and buy all those things rather than take a job away from someone who is trying to make a decent living in a place that costs a fortune just to get by. If you do that then all the production crews etc. get paid, you get to feel good by helping people out with the earnings, and you can even raise awareness of how people can help by putting their money where their mouth is, everybody wins.

    Right now, you think you’ve done a great thing but all you’ve done is ignored reality to help fill an empty spot in your soul, at the experience of hard working people right in your back yard. Because thats where all a lot of this money eventually ends up, paying people just like the ones working on your finally kept yard.

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