What a month – I have a new boss

October 1st, 2008 | by ian |

Ian Rae's Facebook profileSeptember was a great month. BitNorth was awesome, videos of content to come soon at Bitcurrent. Akoha had a great launch at TechCrunch and will hopefully inspire a new generation to “play it forward.” Syntenic hired a new Ops manager who brings some great unix and virtualization chops. 

September is also yielding excitement with general elections in North America, and has generated economic uncertainty with the collapse of Wall Street’s pyramid scheme. However, the BIG NEWS is that I “spawned a child process” (as a colleague likes to put it) – a beautiful daughter process. For those who don’t have access to my Facebook photo albums you can see some pics at her mother’s and my best friend’s blog: AlioFish.

Nothing I have done compares to the excitement and fulfillment of being a dad. It refocuses, inspires and is an intense source of joy. I thought as an entrepreneur I would be my own boss, but no longer now that my daughter is here. And for some reason I’m ok with that.

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